Hotel Cristina Sorrento Skyline Sorrento
A banquet
open sky
Hotel Cristina Sorrento


The taste of beauty

Hotel Cristina Sorrento

The Hotel Cristina
it's an open-air banquet
feasted for the senses:

its view is nourishment for the soul,
its silence nourishes the spirit,
the climate restores the body,
nature inebriates the breath.

To the chefs of the Hotel Cristina
the noble task of making ecstasy complete
using the best and most beautiful local ingredients.

Their art is on the table every day
for the delight of guests

delicate, delicious and elegant menus,
where the smells, colors and flavors
they blend togetherin perfect balance.

Hotel Cristina Sorrento
Hotel Cristina Sorrento
Hotel Cristina Sorrento
All menus can be adjusted
to the needs of children
 and of those, by choice or necessity, 
follows special dietary regimes 
such as vegetarian or gluten-free.