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No holiday here in Sorrento would be complete without a trip to the evocative island of Capri. Sail across the bay of Naples for the start of an unforgettable day.

For so small an island, about 4 miles long and 2 miles wide, Capri has had much said, sung and written about it.
First you will visit the fabulous villa of Dr. Alex Munthe, a Swedish doctor who’s best selling book “Story of San Michele” tells of his time on Capri. His villa was built with the remains of Roma ruins, there is a beautiful shady garden with terraces affording splendid views of the island. This is optional, and the entrance fee should be paid to the guide directly.

Buy your ferry ticket online to save time and enjoy more time on the island.

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You then go down to Capri town which is very chic with shops, hotels and restaurants lying along winding streets. The main square Piazza Umberto I has a pretty white church and several open-air cafes where you can sit and watch the world drift by.

Leading off the square are medieval looking alleyways and arcades full of shops selling the handicrafts of the island, clothing, jewellery made from coral and gold, shoes and ceramics. Admire the colourful gardens of Augustus overlooking the famed Faraglioni Rocks and Marina Piccola where Gracie Fields once lived.
There is free time for you to go off and admire the elegant boutiques, stroll along the cobbled streets or simply relax on the beach.

There is so much to see and do on this tiny island paradise that you will be sorry to leave.

Ischia is known as the Green Isle because of its lush green vegetation. It is also the only place in the area with real sandy beaches. It is a volcanic island dominated by Mount Epomeo.

Our tour takes you over to Ischia by hydrofoil – a journey of one hour across the Bay of Naples.

On arrival you will be given a guided tour by coach around the whole island and stops will be made at all the places of particular interest.

The afternoon is yours for shopping or relaxing on beach, before cruising back to Sorrento. Return to the hotel.

Cruising in the sun
This is a very lazy, relaxing day for those who just want to take it easy. It is a delightful day spent cruising the Bay of Naples and Salerno on the comfortable yacht Marine Club.

There is plenty of room for sunbathing with changing facilities and showers. As far as lunch is concerned there is snacks and salads, or you can bring you own picnic lunch.

Several stops will be made for swimming including the Galli Isles and the Faraglioni Rocks at Capri.
When the boat reaches Positano you will be offered the chance to go ashore. This is an optional extra to the cruise and you will be asked to pay the boatman directly if you wish to go.

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The Marine Club steams on to Amalfi and will pick you up again from Positano on its way back to Sorrento. Those who do not wish to visit Positano town can stay on board and cruise down the rest of the coast to Amalfi and go ashore there for sightseeing at no extra cost.

On the return journey there will be more stops for swimming. Our cruise is the perfect way in which to top up your tan!! Remember: take your swimming costumes and towels and don’t forget your camera!
If you wish to take advantage of the lunch on board the cost is payable directly to the crew.

Naples - Solfatara
Naples was funded in 600 B.C. by the Greeks and the Romans took over in 320 B.C., Naples is rife in history with buildings, churches and monuments dating back centuries.

Just over an hour from Sorrento, it makes an interesting day out. On our tour, you will be able to visit the National Museum which is one of the best archeologicalmuseum in the world. Most of the treasures from Pompei and Herculaneum have been trasfereed to this meseum for safe keeping. There is also a priceless collection of paintings and bronze work.

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After visiting the museum, you will see the Royal Palace, the Pazza Plebiscito, the Pizza Municipio with its huge medieval castle, the “Maschio Angioino” and the San Carlo Opera house.

In the afternoon, you will drive to the area near Pozzuoli to visit the Solfatara. This is a sort of flat volcano where you can see geysers and boiling mud.

Salerno – Paestum
About an hours drive South of Naples is another important Italian provincial capital Salerno.

In medieval times Salerno was the world capital of medicine, the Monastery of the Benedictine monks who probably founded its medical school, offered the best instruction the available.

One of the most famous medical texts of that time was the “Regimen Sanitas Salerno” written here in Latin and translated into almost every European language.

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In more modern times Salerno, after the headlands of Pontecagnano, Battipaglia and Eboli, is Paeustum. One of the most important archeological sites in the country.

Here you will see some of the best preserved Greek ruins, architecture and monuments, such as the Temple of Poseidon (Neptune) and the Basilica dating from 6th Century. Look out for the “buffalo” that you will see grazing on the roaside during the drive!

Caserta – Cassino
Caserta is known as the “Versailles of Naples” because of the Royal Palace built here by Charles II the Bourbon King, in the 18th Century. The enchanting palace overlooking the huge square is one of the must sumptuos buildings of its kind in Italy.
It has over 1.200 rooms and is rich in chandeliers, richly gilded frescoes, tapestries and history.

In 1945 it was the headquarters of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the Mediterranean.

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The extraordinary gardens with their crowing glory and the great cascade, a waterfall 75 metres high can be seen clearly from the palace 3 Km away.

After the splendour of the Royal Palace, we make our way to MonteCassino to the famous Abbey, which was founded in 529 by St. Benedict of Norcia. During the Second World War the Abbey was completely destroyed and has since been faithfully restored to its former glory, even with the original frescoes and mosaics piezed together again.

A truly memorable day out.

Pompeii – Vesuvius
Pompeii holds an intense fascination for visitors today. Following the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in the year 79 A.D., Pompei lay buried for hundreds of years. The town is high on the list of Wonders of the World and the excavations, begun in the 18th century, are still being carried out today.
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Our guide will take you slowly, throughout some of the ancient streets of Pompei where you can see Baths, Forums and Villas built by the prosperous Romans in the year 80 B.C. Marvel at the fabulously preserved frescoes which adorned the walls and floors of the Villas. Even if you’re in interests do not lie in history, this is an archeological site that you cannot be failed to be impressed by.

Mount Vesuvius dominates the Bay of Naples. It is the only active volcano (with Etna) on tha mainland of Europe. The slopes were an innocent looking backdrop for the bustling town below. The coach will take you to within 1.000 meters of the top of the Vesuvius and from there you can walk to the very top and admire the splendid panoramic views across the bay.

From the blackened crater rises a single plume of smoke, a reminder that the volcano is only sleeping for now.

Reminder: Comfortable, closed in, shoes and your camera. 

Positano – Amalfi – Ravello
The “Amalfi Drive” is said to be the most spectacular in Europe and from Sorrento, the winding cliff top road offers breathtaking panoramic views at every turn.

Each spot is a world of its own, a fantastic world which dazzles the imagination and inspires unforgettable impressions. We make a stop just above Positano, yet another splendid jewel of this coastline, which boats pictoresque pink and white villas perched drammatically on the steep hillside.

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Then on to Amalfi, which gives its name to the whole coast on which it lies. Once a thriving holiday resort. The unmistakeable cluster of white tightly packed houses rising up the hillside is dominated by the beautiful Cathedral which stands superbly on the top of a great flight of steps leading up from the main square. Housed in the magnificent Cathedral are the remains of the

Patron Saint Amalfi as well as Scotland – Saint Andrew.

From Amalfi we visit Ravello which nestles eleven hundred feet above the sea in the mountainside. We visit the Villa Rufolo which gave the musician Richard Wagner the inspiration to create one of his most famous works.

Herculaneum half day
Our journey takes us along the gorgeous coastal road trough Castellamare di Stabia and out along the motorway to Herculaneum.

Herculaneum was destroyed along with Pompei in 79 A.D., and rediscovered in 1709. It was a residential town without Pompei’s commercial importance, surrounded by the villas of the wealthy Romans.

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When the catastrophe of 79 AD occurred Herculaneum was submerged under a torrent of mud and lava that hardened into a soft tufa (a kind of course rock) that preserved many of the timber features and household objects which can be seen today.

A large portion of the old Herculaneum is still buried under the modern town and even today excavations are going on to discover what treasures lie buried under the rock, to the extent that some families are being rehoused so work can continue.

Vesuvius half day
Half day tour escorted by guide and by de luxe motorcoach.

Pick up from the hotels.

Excursion by bus to Mount Vesuvius up to 3.000 feet and then on foot to the crater.

Visit tothe Volcano.

Return to the hotel.

Sorrento countryside
A local tour for lovers of the countryside.

You will enjoy superb views of Sorrento and the bay from the picturesque village of Sant’Agata and drive along winding country roads bordered by pines , lemons and geraniums.

We will show you how mozzarella is made, in a small country factory, with a chance to taste the product with local wine.

You will also have coffee and pastry in a local taverna to complete this delightfully simple half day.

Sorrento musical
Every night music and folkloristic dances in a local night club. In the typical 19th Century costumes the group of “Tarantella” will let you experience overwhelming emotions. 1 Drink at your choice will be served.
Rome in one day
This is a unique opportunity to visit the “Eternal City” one of the greatest capitals in the world and the centre of Catholicism.

Rome is a bustling city with fabulous shops and boutiques but, amidst the hurry of everyday modern life, beautifully preserved buildings and monuments stand out on unexpected corners, a constant reminder of her glorious and sometimes turbulent past.

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The day has been carefully planned and monuments; Villa Borghese, Via Veneto where famous stars like to meet at night, the River Tiber, the Palace of Justice, St. Angel Castle, St Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum and Forum revealing the splendour of the Roman Empire and the famous Trevi Fountain.

All in a day to remeber!

Reminder: no shorts and shoulder, must be covered when visiting the churches. Cameras a must.

Time permitting you may be offered a visit to the Catacombs (cost for this to be paid directly to the excursion guide).

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